SQUARE double sided floor standing ashtray

  • SMOKHW6005

SQUARE is an aluminum covered smoking station.

The SQUARE outdoor or indoor smoking station is manufactured with heavy machined aluminumm, has a capacity of 6,75 liters (about 2000 butts) and is ideal for crowded public areas such as footpaths, shopping centers, universities and public buildings entrances.

Every station is covered by a plastic shield to prevent the water to entering into the ashtray and can withstand all weather conditions. The four supplied bolts allow the base of the ashtray to be ground anchored with protection against vandalism. The ashtray has a hatch at its bottom, to be opened with the supplied key, to allow its emptying without touching the content: it is a simple and clean procedure which takes only few seconds.
The outdoor or indoor smoking stations are the best solution for the unsightly cigarette rubbish because their presence encourages people to responsibly eliminate the butts and their cost is quickly recovered taking into consideration the expenses for the public areas cleaning.

Height: 1380 mm;
Diameter: 300 mm
Capacity: 2000 cigarette butts
Weight: 6,8 kg
Material: aluminumm
Packaging: cardboard mm 1420x350x350
Total Weight including accessories: kg 11

Fixing kit included.

Square folder

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