Smokyto: a floor standing butts bin and a valuable communication aid.

Smokyto, far more than a simple cigarette butt bin! Its modern and smartly designed structure can be fitted with specific accessories to allow Smokyto to be used as a great advertising aid.Smokyto is made of non-toxic and fireproof strong linear polyethylene (LMDPE), Smokyto ensures that the cigarette butt is extinguished thanks to its special shape, which allows the amount of oxygen inside it to be greatly reduced.
The entrance hole, with a diameter of only 4cm and a special metal grille inside the opening, do not allow other type of waste to be disposed of.
Smokyto is supplied with two special containers, located inside its base, which may be filled with water or sand to make it more stable. The holes located in the supporting surface allow the product to be anchored to the floor by means of separately supplied dowels.
The body mass coloring, which is weather, UV resistant and therefore will not discolor over time, allows Smokyto
to boast a wide range of bright and vivid colors.

Simple and quick maintenance! Emptying the high capacity collection bucket is very simple;
1) just unscrew the knob in front of Smokyto
2) open it by lifting the top section of the body.
Recycling bags are available on request, to be positioned inside the bucket.

Smokyto a valuable communication aid !
1) insert from the top the protective see-through sheet in the guides provided.
2) Insert the poster behind the see-through protective sheet.
3) Fix the poster by inserting the pressure
dowel in the hole provided

Customizable, minimum quantity order requested (25 pieces).

Available colors
Anthracite gray RAL 7021
Gray RAL 7037
Green RAL 6018
Blue RAL 5003
Red RAL 3000

Measures: 1000 mm Height - 400 mm Width - 300 mm Depth
Capacity: 12 liters
( approx. 4000 butts)
Material: LMDPE Linear medium density polyethylene
Total weight including accessories: 8 kg
Packaging: cardboard.

Smokyto folder

Download Smokyto folder pdf

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